Our Mission

Why Did I Create A1C Wellness?

A1C Wellness started as A1CWellness.com. It was to be “just a website,” but this condition is more than just a spot on the Internet. Here is why.

After going through a combination of health issues in late 2014 and through 2015, I found myself asking more questions while looking for answers at very strange times of the day. My head would be running when my medical team was not readily available.

With over twenty years in digital marketing, the information I was searching for was either was scattered on many, improperly indexed sites, without proper explanation, old links or complete dead ends. To summarize, I found the internet to be a complete mess.

So this is why A1CWelless.com was formed. To become “Your Guide to Diabetic Information on the Web.”

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Something changed along way.

So, that is the story that helped me set a goal to become a diabetes advocate and influencer for awareness and compliance with patients and caregivers. I am still getting myself settled in this area.

Simply, A1C Wellness’s goal through our website A1CWellness.com serves as a pathway to only useful, vetted diabetes information on the web. Hopefully, easy to use and it allows a user to have a reason to visit often. This site will also be supported by blog posts, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. The blog posts highlighting published articles by others and myself, videos on YouTube and other ways. We will use any effective online tool to communicate and create awareness.

Thank you and please provide feedback.


Michael Donohoe can be contacted through the Contact A1CW page on this site, on his Something to Say Communications email at michael.donohoe@s2scomm.com. He is also on social media as Michael Donohoe, Something to Say Communications and of course A1C Wellness.