Raising Awareness is a Year-Round Effort

Diabetes can strike anyone at any time. It is important for us to raise awareness daily in our community as well as our circle of influence (family, friends, coworkers, et. Al). Below are some materials you can use to raise awareness, including local organizations who make it a part of their mission.

In addition, every November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Many organizations develop their own messaging to raise awareness so you may hear it called many different things. In 2017, we will observe World Diabetes Day on Tuesday, November 14th The International Diabetes Federation has decided on this year’s theme to be “Eyes on Diabetes.” The hope is this theme will raise the awareness that diabetes is the leading cause of blindness and to have your eyes screened often.

Education Campaigns to Prevent and Control Diabetes – NIH

Contact local organizations to get involved in organized awareness programs…

Diabetes Awareness Programs – Lion’s International