Our Mission

What is the Mission of this Website?  

(“Kind of” a testimony by Michael Donohoe…)

The simple answer to this question lies in the tagline to this site, “Your Guide To Relevant Diabetic Information On The Web.” But the question is why?

After going through a combination of health issues over the last several years, I found himself asking more questions. then looking for answers at very strange times of the day. My head would be running, at times when my team of doctors would not available. After several months, I found a primary care physician who discovered a number of issues which needed to be addressed immediately.

First, I was informed my congenital “leaky” aortic valve was no longer working properly and I was in congestive heart failure. My father passed in 2006 due to diabetes-induced congestive heart failure. I was fortunate to find the website heartvalvesurgery.com. This was set up as both as an informative site by fellow patient Adam Pick, but also as a community. To keep things moving, in June of 2015, Michael had open heart surgery and received an On-X mechanical valve plus an extra gift…an unexpected and surprise triple bypass. Unfortunately, this was not a total surprise me.

Early in 2015, I had been diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy (eyes), neuropathy (feet) and a fasting A1C blood sugar level of 10.0. Throughout this year, there was a lot of testing and change including evasive heart tests (three to be exact), surgery, diet, exercise, rest and the constant searching for ways to change my life. These changes and actions were made swiftly, yet when I had questions, I found the internet to be a mess when the word “diabetes” was searched.

So, that is the story that helped me set a goal to become a diabetes advocate and influencer for awareness and compliance to patients and caregivers. I am still getting myself settled in this area.

Simply, A1CWellness.com serves as a pathway to only useful, vetted diabetes information on the web. Hopefully, easy to use and it allows a user to have a reason to visit often. This site will also be supported by a Twitter account, a Facebook page, blog posts highlighting published articles by others and myself, videos on YouTube and other ways. We will use any effective online tool to communicate and create awareness.

Thank you and in this initial phase, please provide feedback.


Michael can be reached either through this site, on his Something to Say Communications email at michael.donohoe@s2scomm.com, or his personal email at michael.s.donohoe@gmail.com. He is also all over social media as well.